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Battle of Battleship

Available in App Store;

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   # English Version #                                #Japanese Version#

Real-Time Simulation Game for the person who wants to fire Battleship's Main GUNs.


Only 5 minutes One-on-One Battle fo Ultimate Battleships with Amazing Spectacles int the Real-Time 3D Simulation World.

Which Steel Monster you choose; IOWA-class or Yamato-class?



- Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone; Short-Time non-Network App.

- Real-time 3D Simulated Battle World with Amazing Spectacles

- Ultimate Battleships: IOWA/YAMATO are available from the first step.

- Easy Operation; PREDICS, AIM, FIRE as your first step.

- Depending on your level, 3 different types of AI will battle with your battleship.

GamePlay Video(English Version)

GamePlay Video(Japanese Version)

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