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Null City Realtime Simulations is a mobile application developer started from February, 2016.


- Location: Tokyo, Japan

- Business Focus : Focusing on Real-Time Simulation application of mobile devices based on our vision.




In these years, the state-of-the-art-technologies have been coming into every people's hands.

Amazing CPU/GPU performance with full network connectivity in the small device is available for all people of the world.

Furthermore many great players are making unbelievably huge efforts to enhance these technology platforms.


On the other hand, Excellent development technologies have been developed.

These development technologies enable one person to develop fantastic applications with small efforts.


As a result, the small development power like one person can develop unbelievably attractive application for people all of the world, and we believe the attractiveness of application in future is limitless. Strong power of human being.


In these situation, we think the most important thing in coming 10 years will be the attractive content of application which utilizes the Evolving Technology Power. Finally we started "Null City Realtime Simulations" focusing on following 3 technologies 


       1. Real-Time Simulation Technology

       2. 3D Visual Software Technology

       3. Artificial Intelligence Technology


We want to create contents which can appeal to person's feeling directly and make them moved a lot.

We would appreciate it if you would enjoy our contents.


Null City Real-Time Simulations

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