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Battle of Battleship

Available in Both App Store and Google Play;

   Free App offers In-App-Purchase

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Real-Time Simulation Game for the person who wants to fire Battleship's Main GUNs.


Only 5 minutes One-on-One Battle fo Ultimate Battleships with

Amazing Spectacles int the Real-Time 3D Simulation World.

Which Steel Monster you choose; IOWA-class or Yamato-class?




- Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone; Short-Time non-Network App.

- Real-time 3D Simulated Battle World with Amazing Spectacles

- Ultimate Battleships: IOWA/YAMATO are available from the first step.

- Easy Operation; PREDICS, AIM, FIRE as your first step.

- Depending on your level, 3 different types of AI will battle with your battleship.

GamePlay Video(English Version)

GamePlay Video(Japanese Version)

Modified Physical Laws:

To realize the short-time and amazing spectacle battle of huge battleships, some of the physical laws in this Real-Time Simulation World are carefully modified.


(1) Modification to make Firing Range 1/10 without change of shell flight time.

  Gravity Acceleration and Initial Speed of the shell are modified.

(2) Modification to make Speed of Sound faster: Every sound can be heard at the same time.


We carefully studied these conditions for realizing the short-time and amazing spectacle battle. Finally we found this modification. Please enjoy this unbelievable user experience.

Battleship's Feature

Although there are many evaluations, the following major performances are being considered in this simulation.



  Main Gun: Firing-Range : YAMATO better

  Main Gun: Rate of Fire:  IOWA better

  Speed & Maneuverability:  IOWA better


Item except the above is being considered as same.


In addition, the destructive power of shells is in consideretaion of a difference of the Vertical/Horizontal Armor and Initila velocity of the shell. As a result, the destructive power of shells increases in a short distance and a long distance.

Battle Result

If a real Battle of Battleship occurred practically, the results are different in various factors.


Not a simple Sea battle game, we want to offer real simulation. Therefore, as a result, we are utilizing the statistical analysis result for this simulation. The average of prioa 5 battles and 10 battles will be utilized for evaluating your performance.


To get good results, you have to sink the opponent battleship except Level 1.

If the average values exceeds some thresholds, your battleship gets some abilities as a bonus.


  Bonus1: Improve Shelling Accuracy

  Bonus2: Improve Damage Control-1

  Bonus3: Improve Shell Stowage

  Bonus4: Improve Damage Control-2

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